Graphical Database XML Mapping and Transformation


Allora leverages leading edge XML mapping and database technology to give application developers bi-directional access to relational databases without the need for complex SQL or XSLT programming. Allora speeds development and deployment by accurately and transparently transforming data structures between XML elements/attributes and relational database structures. Once Allora mapping is in place, full bi-directional XML-RDB access is enabled. Allora gives developers a simplified, consistent XML interface to relational data.


with Full 30-Day Support

Allora can generate XML from any database, write XML element, and attribute values into any database. It is an XML database-mapping platform that consists of: (1) design tools to easily map XML to relational data or text; (2) wizard support for popular application servers and IDE tools; (3) a rich set of application programming interfaces to the Allora run-time engine; (4) a Workflow Manager interface to organize and execute a set of transformation tasks with associated XML file manipulation; and (5) a separate run-time engine to execute mappings and workflow instructions.

Allora brings even more value to application developers or DBAs that need to integrate any relational database (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access, Gupta, Ingres, Datacom, IDMS, PostgreSQL, VisualFox Pro, Pointbase, etc…) with complex industry standard schemas. Any manual process of accomplishing the same is so tedious and error prone that it has become impractical from a development and cost perspective. HiT Software is committed to support even the largest XML schemas from all industries.

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