Batelco, Bahrain


Batelco vision is to be the first choice communication partner for customers in Bahrain and contributed significantly in building and running the systems and infrastructure that form the backbone of the Bahrain e-government initiative. Earlier Batelco & MCS has deployed BizTalk 2000 Server and developed range of in-house application and business process running on the second generation of BizTalk 2000 Server.

Farabi Professional Services have been engaged by MCS to deploy BTS 2006, SQL 2005, as part of Application Program Infrastructure Optimization (APIO) at Batelco Bahrain. The project aimed for migrating the in-house developed application and business process running on BTS 2000 to a farm of two (2) clustered BTS 2006 that is highly available, scalable and load balanced integrated with enterprise Windows® Active Directory.

The engagement delivered a single unified platform that provides the messaging infrastructure for both enterprise application integration (EAI) and B2B integration, as well as orchestration services for business process automation and management. A development service also has enabled complete end-to-end visibility into business processes using Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) & Business Activity Services (BAS) and flexible business processes with runtime-configurable business logic using the Business Rules Engine (BRE).