BLOM Bank France, United Arab Emirates


Farabi Technology Professional Services Group has been engaged with BLOM Bank France (Dubai Branch) on a project for Database migration. The target was to migrate the database of its IBM iSeries core banking application running on DB2 database to a new Oracle core banking application running on Oracle database.

Knowing the difficulty, length and resources hold back for such projects, BLOM Bank cherished Farabi Technology Middle East proposition of Seagull Software SmartDB. In fact, the SmartDB tool has improved the migration productivity and the ability to set certain roles to the data quality to observe with the new application data structure. In addition, such migration objectives have been achieved sooner than expected, and at much lower total cost. Also it makes the cycle of loading, transforming, and verification of data easier and simple process during the project generating numerous benefits for the organization.

The proposed solution to the bank consist of Seagull Software “SmartDB” as a tool, Seagull Software consultancy and Farabi Professional Services engagement for knowledge transfer and kick start the migration project along with BLOM Bank France personnel.