September 12, 2010


This article describes the steps needed for changing the BZAS/HostFront Server IP address after the deployment. The BZAS/HostFront Server is a Web-to-Host solution that provides browser access to legacy systems users; it is deployed for the Intranet/Internet, which makes it highly dependent on the Microsoft IIS and local BZAS/HostFront Server IP address.  In cases where you require to make any changes to the IP address of the server after the deployment, this article explain the steps needed to achieve it.

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The following steps will guide the administrator through the change process:

1. Set the TCP/IP parameters to the new IP address needed to define.


2. Log on to the Host Access Manager (HAM) by providing the Username & Password for it. (Default Username: Administrator & Password: hfem) and make sure that the HostFront users are not connected (or disconnect them manually if needed).


3. Select the Cluster Service option, which is set to the old IP address, and then delete it.


4. Select the Servers option which is also set to the old IP address, and then delete it. You will be prompted to confirm the action.


5. Create a new Cluster Services entry which should reflect to the new IP address of the server.


6. Create a new Server entry based on the new IP address of the server. Then add the new IP address for the FTP services of the host type.


7. Once you are done, click on the Services Status to check the services IP address are now set to the new address of the server.


8. Right click on the Service Status option to start all the services with the new IP address changes that took place.


9. Once all the Services are started, edit the axd3270.htm & axd3270.htm.js files to the new IP of the server in the location.

For BlueZone: C:\Program Files\SEAGULL\BlueZone Access Server\Servers\Cluster Service\HFA\HTML
For HostFront: C:\Program Files\SEAGULL\HostFront\Servers\Cluster Service\HFA\HTML

This is required for the new Display emulation sessions by the users. You may also need to do the same changes for the Printer & File Transfer sessions.


10. Test the client’s Display session by the browser with the new IP address of the server.


You should be able to have a proper connection in place for a Display session using the new IP address of the server.

The information in this article applies to all listed Servers including Demo and Setup versions:

– BlueZone Access Server Ver. 5 and higher
– HostFront Server Ver. 5 and higher