Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait


Commercial Bank of Kuwait has appointed Farabi’s partner “Safat IT” to contract Farabi Professional Services team to upgrade their existing corporate e-banking solution and set up an identical environment on the bank disaster recovery site.

Farabi Technology Middle East has provided Commercial Bank of Kuwait corporate online banking solution, CashLink, to integrate with its core banking system running on IBM OS/390 platform. The vision of the bank is to upgrade the CashLink solution and to leverage the new integration features of the Seagull HostFront Server latest version with its .NET capabilities.

The new release of HostFront Server is, inherently, a clustered integration platform that provides failover technology and session load balancing. It also encompasses an enhanced .Net Pool Manager that allows maximum and efficient utilization of the OS/390 platform resources and a high performance integration layer for the Web Services Consumers. HostFront Pool Manager navigates and caches the “ready to use” sessions, which improves performance and assures availability of host session for integration layers at anytime.

The services adopted the CashLink application security design, for which HostFront provided the Screen Logic Integration (SLI) to enable building services with SOA environment, taking advantage of the business functionalities, without violating the validations and business rules implemented in the CashLink Host Application.