Real-time Data Replication and Data Integration


Data integration solutions range from a do-it-yourself approach (where an IT team plans and implements the applications needed) to a complete single-vendor enterprise solution that requires substantial investment of both money and time. HiT Software product line targets an optimal solution that includes a suite of flexible data integration tools, which operate on open standards to enable a willing IT crew or systems integrator to implement cost-effective, extensible solutions.

DBMoto performs snapshot and real time data replication for your enterprise server and desktop replication needs. All major database platforms are supported. In Refresh (snapshot) mode, DBMoto reads data, applies administrator-defined mapping rules, and writes the result to the target database. In Mirroring mode, DBMoto performs real-time incremental replication based on transaction logs. Synchronization among two or more databases is supported via bi-directional mirroring and custom conflict resolution strategies.


with Full 30-Day Support

With DBMoto, HiT Software brings real-time data replication and data integration with:

– Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
– Heterogeneous Database Support
– Interoperability with Legacy Systems
– Accelerated implementation/faster time to market
– Non-proprietary and standards-based
– High reliability and proven performance
– Responsive, expert technical support
– Available in 32-bit/64-bit

In the Management Center GUI console, powerful and intuitive wizards make it easy to set up a replication or a group of replications. During refresh, mirroring, or synchronization tasks, DBMoto reports the current status via the Replication Monitor. DBMoto provides the system or database administrator with real-time information on the replication status, interruptions, grouping and errors. For management and auditing, DBMoto records replication activity in a specialized log.

Key Features

Real time mirroring based on transaction log activity
Full refresh replication
Synchronization mode No programming needed
Administrative Wizards
Table Synchronization
Full customization via scripting
Built-in transformation functions, with extensive custom functions
Automatic creation of target tables
Remote accessibility of Enterprise Manager
Extensive internal and Windows log reporting and accessibility
User-friendly graphical interface and platform


Better user decision support
Easy, instant data delivery
Keeps two databases in sync — Database stability maintained
Fast, easy configuration and setup
Accurate data across platforms
Detailed transformation control
Fast data deployment

Convenient administration
Audit tool for data analysis
Short learning curve

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