Emirates Airlines, United Arab Emirates


Farabi’s professional services department has successfully completed a project at Emirates, with a new server component being developed to migrate the airline’s current user mainframe application macros to a desktop environment. Macros were migrated from their existing IBM 3270 emulator and converted to new Aviva macros for the desktop 3270 emulator. This work was part of Emirates’ enterprise migration project.

Farabi developed the Macro Conversion Utility as a web application by employing a Microsoft .NET framework architecture and using ASP.NET, C#, and Aviva API’s. This web utility has two layers – a presentation layer and a logic layer. Through a graphical user interface, users upload current macro files to apply the conversion – they can then review the integrity of the converted macro, and save the new macro file to their desktop for future use.

The web-based application architecture has enabled a swift migration to operational macros without the need to recreate new macros. Deployment was simplified through having it centralized on a Windows 2000 server running the .NET framework.