General Retirement & Pension Authority, Qatar


Qatar’s General Retirement and Pension Authority, one of the major governmental entities in Qatar, is currently maintaining an Oracle based application that provides the Retirement and Pension management the details for all Qatari Nationals working in different companies and governmental departments. The system is a manual process where all records passed to GRPA from different organizations comes on a media CD, and the data entry department will manually update the data and upload them to the Oracle based application system.

Farabi Professional Services Group was called upon by Microsoft Qatar in order to put together a pilot that would use Microsoft BizTalk Server that automate this process over an internet connection for which all organizations can upload their employees details for Retirement and Pension claims. The Web Application provided, accepts the Excel file, and submits to a service, where the file is validated against the schema and the naming convention expected by the GRPA. The valid files are then converted to XML format for Microsoft BizTalk Server to consume.

The Microsoft BizTalk Server’s orchestration is designed to consume standard XML format inputs, so that it can be scaled for future communication needs. The XML content is then validated and injected to Oracle via the Oracle Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server. The exceptions, raised from the Oracle are captured and converted to messages. Using the Microsoft BizTalk Server correlation capability the messages from Oracle are persisted in SQL Database, with the reference of each row in the Excel file. The system must have the ability to analyze the records and store it to the Oracle Pension system or logs and return errors back to the related entity using Microsoft BizTalk Server as a message broker.