Honda Gulf FZE, United Arab Emirates


Honda Gulf, a main supplier of automotive spare parts for the dealer chains in the GCC countries and the surrounding region, saw a need to provide a web-based host access to its dealers in order to improve its overall services and productivity across its distribution and dealer network.

To achieve this vision, in 1998 Honda Gulf deployed Farabi’s HostFront version 1.3.3 for the AS/400. Due to the positive results derived from the deployment of HostFront, and in its ongoing effort to continuously improve on its services to its dealers and distributors, Honda Gulf contracted Farabi’s Professional Services team to carry on a planned upgrade for their infrastructure. Working closely with Honda Gulf, The Farabi Professional Services team successfully upgraded Honda’s communication server to implement Windows 2000 server and HostFront for the AS/400 v3.5.3. The upgrade administered by Farabi’s team resulted in higher security and improved performance.

By using HostFront to implement a web-based host access, Honda Gulf has been able to deliver a high quality service to its dealers providing them with the necessary tools to retain customers, increase customer satisfaction, generate new business and remain competitive in the market. In the near future, Honda Gulf plans to expand their existing services utilizing the Microsoft .NET technologies.