Kodak Near East, United Arab Emirates


Farabi Professional Services department developed a solution based on Microsoft .NET architecture, utilizing ASP.NET, C #, and ADO.NET to Kodak Near East.

Kodak decided to leverage the .NET technology in taking full advantage to centrally administer the data, and reduce the client support of the MS Access applications installed on each of the user desktop. Earlier, MS Access application provides their local business and marketing statistic and reports, supply chain, customer services, sales analysis and business research modules, due to the dynamically increasing in data and the ease to administer, Farabi has helped Kodak to convert the existing MS Access interface to be web-enabled and extended to users across Intranet (WAN) by maintaining its security coexistence to the backend Microsoft SQL Server.

The project provided full support for the Windows NT domain authentication and security access control lists and auditing. Reducing the clients application support by having a browser interface (OS independent) conveniently accessing the data and reports.