Lebanon & Gulf Bank, Lebanon


Farabi Technology Middle East successfully delivered to Lebanon & Gulf Bank a full legacy modernization solution to improve different aspect of their core banking application. In fact, the bank opted for Seagull Software “LegaSuite GUI” to fulfill numerous business requirements. Although the core banking application “Equation” residing on the IBM iSeries, employees access to the application through a standard browser has been modernized and simplified to graphical user interface.

The major criteria that attracted the bank interest are the following: Web Enablement, new GUI presentation, industry standard integration, field validation, screens consolidation, and workflow automation. Today, Lebanon and Gulf Bank possess certified LegaSuite GUI professionals who succeeded to customize the bank application. Their efforts were intended to reduce training time and increase the employee productivity. In addition to their objective, we noticed impressive time & cost reduction and navigation improvement within the bank applications.

The solution consist of Seagull Software LegaSuite GUI run time server, LegaSuite GUI Workbench development tools, LegaSuite GUI Client Access License, and Farabi Professional Services for the product knowledge transfer and development.