LegaSuite: Presentation and Programmatic Modernization


Rocket LegaSuite is a complete set of application development and integration products to let you quickly develop new web and mobile user experiences and integrate them with mainframe, IBM i, UNIX, and other business-critical systems.

Rocket LegaSuite GUI Rocket LegaSuite GUI is the solution you need to take your existing text-based or “green-screen” applications to web and mobile platforms. Deploy core business functionality over the web and in the cloud, using the applications and hardware you already own. Improve application workflows and integrate with other enterprise applications and desktop productivity tools.

Rocket LegaSuite Mobile LegaSuite Mobile offers the fastest way to create enterprise mobile applications. You can develop enterprise mobile applications for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as develop HTML5 applications that work on any mobile browser.

Rocket LegaSuite Integration Rocket LegaSuite Integration is the fastest, most robust way to create new business services out of existing applications and use them in web, SOA, and mobile initiatives. Service-enable any application, from mainframe and IBM i to Java and Windows Client/Server. REST, SOAP, XML, and JMS support mean easy integration with any technology.

Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool helps you translate enterprise applications for use in any locale and language. Translations are fast and library-based, enabling an iterative approach and automating the translation of previously translated words and phrases. TTT requires no application changes and is designed to be used by translators, not programmers.

Rocket LegaSuite Workflow Rocket LegaSuite Workflow enables business process automation. Connect multiple LegaSuite solutions, such as user interfaces and transactions, together to automate manual processes. Enable people to collaborate and improve process performance. Manage and deliver compliance reporting on your automated processes using a variety of databases, including DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Rocket LegaSuite Web Rocket LegaSuite Web applications are HTML5 applications, which means they can be accessed by any modern web or mobile browser. Serve Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop browsers and tablet web browsers, all with one solution.