Enterprise Mobile Applications


LegaSuite Mobile offers the fastest way to create enterprise mobile applications. You can develop enterprise mobile applications for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as develop HTML5 applications that work on any mobile browser.

Outstanding cross-platform mobile user experiences in no time

LegaSuite Mobile features an easy-to-use design tool that lets you rapidly customize a mobile user experience that can be deployed to mobile devices across the most popular platforms. The drag-and-drop design tool lets you quickly prototype engaging and intuitive mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile devices based on your trusted enterprise applications. With its focus on rapid development and reuse of proven assets, LegaSuite Mobile slashes the cost and expense of your enterprise mobility initiatives.

Integrate with absolutely any enterprise system

A mobile application needs to work seamlessly with your key enterprise information. That’s why LegaSuite Integration enables real-time integration between any enterprise system and your mobile application. Having an existing SOA layer or vendor APIs is never a pre-requisite—you can rapidly create RESTful web services that integrate with absolutely any system, database, or live application.

Deploy mobile apps inside and outside the enterprise

With a single development effort, you can build enterprise mobile applications that run on multiple mobile platforms, even with different screen sizes and resolutions. With LegaSuite Mobile, you can create mobile-friendly web apps that don’t require an app store, or create a cross-platform or native app that installs on devices using an enterprise or public app store. At runtime, LegaSuite Mobile apps interact in real-time with your enterprise systems through the LegaSuite Mobile server and the LegaSuite Integration server.

Go to market faster than you thought possible

The most difficult part of any enterprise mobile application development effort is implementing business logic. Don’t start from scratch—LegaSuite Mobile is designed to reuse your existing application portfolio in your new mobile applications, removing the complexity of redeveloping your business logic and enabling you to get your mobile application solutions to market faster—and with less cost and risk.

Encryption and mobile device management support

Compliance with the latest information security standards, as well as regulatory standards including PCI, HIPAA, and SOX, are always a concern. LegaSuite mobile solutions offer the latest industry standard encryption techniques, ensuring the security of your data from your source applications to your mobile devices. You can also install or wipe native LegaSuite mobile applications using any standard mobile device management (MDM) solution.