National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait


As part of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) modernization and Service Oriented Architecture strategy, NBK is migrating a branch teller application by IBM from DOS based platform to a modern Windows based application called ‘Bancslink’. ‘Bancslink’ has numerous gateways that allow interoperability with other systems. What it lacks, however, is the ability to connect to IBM hosts using LU0 communication which presented an obstacle in the way of fully adopting and deploying ‘Bancslink’. To overcome the problem, Farabi implemented a COM+ middleware and allowed the bank of taking full advantage and leveraging the Mainframe pre-developed financial CICS transactions. Farabi has chosen to benefit from the Microsoft Host Integration Server (HIS) Enterprise version for its support to LU0 communication as the foundation for the middleware components.

The project success was measured by achieving a set of technical and business goals. Security, scalability, high availability, high performance and configurability were some of the technical goals. Leveraging and reusing the core banking business logic without any disruption and with no footprint on the mainframe were some of the business goals.

Farabi managed to achieve the objectives of the project and excelled in delivering and managing the project despite the complexity and the challenges during the execution. One of the project stakeholder commented that this project “resulted in the best known implementation for the conversion of mixed Arabic and Latin text” referring to the bidirectional support for converting text from and to Windows’ world to the Mainframe’s world that took place during the development of the middleware.