National Bank of Oman, Sultanate of Oman


Farabi Professional Services had been engaged by Microsoft Oman to perform a Proof of Concept at National Bank of Oman delivering enablement and a real-time integration with a core banking application running on an IBM AS/400 by utilizing Microsoft’s Windows® Servers Systems.

The POC yield successful results as far as implementing Microsoft Enterprise Product Line such as Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 as well as the cutting edge BizTalk Adapters for Legacy Integration with IBM AS/400 backend. The POC demonstrated how Windows® Server Systems can, reliably and effectively, perform complex messaging via different business channels and using a wide range of transportation protocols such as HTTP, SOAP, SOCKET and MQ Integration.

Upon the success of the POC, Farabi built a full-fledged EAI solution architecture based on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006. The solution was designed to leverage the use of BizTalk components such as Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Business Activity Services (BAS) and Health Activity Monitoring tailored and tuned to match the bank’s current and future aspiration.