January 15, 2010

HiT Software®, Inc., a leader in database access, integration and replication products worldwide, announced today that it has signed a master distribution agreement with Farabi Technology Middle East to market, sell, and support HiT Software’s data integration products in the Middle East and North Africa.

Both HiT Software and Farabi Technology Middle East are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, offering significant value in product features, knowledge and expertise to businesses deploying Microsoft SQL Server databases, as well as Oracle, DB2 on IBM mainframes (System z), DB2 on IBM midrange systems (System i), DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows and other databases.

“We believe the partnership with HiT Software will enrich our offerings of products aimed at both legacy and non-legacy environments,” said Bachar Kassar, Managing Director of Farabi Technology Middle East. “For 17 years, Farabi Technology Middle East has undertaken the responsibility to offer its clients the means to access information easily, cost-effectively, and efficiently. Today, our clients can have real time heterogeneous replication solutions. Reporting, data warehousing, disaster recovery and migration are no longer a burden,” he added.

DBMoto™ is HiT Software’s flagship real-time data management engine that replicates, migrates and synchronizes data among heterogeneous relational databases using change data capture. DBMoto performs real-time data replication between most major relational databases including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Informix and others. DBMoto helps companies make critical data available for e-commerce and data warehouse applications in a fast and secure fashion.

In addition, HiT Software has been at the forefront of XML development with Allora™, a software product that provides an intuitive graphical interface for data migration and transformation between XML and relational databases. Allora easily converts XML data to relational database fields and incorporates custom scripting and APIs for superior control. As well, HiT Software’s expertise with DB2 data is evident in its family of DB2 connectivity solutions that allow nearly every application to connect with any DB2 system.

“HiT Software is committed to its strong relationships with international partners who support the data integration needs of their local geographies,” said Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO, HiT Software, Inc. “Data integration is a fundamental technology for growing businesses, as they take advantage of multiple platforms and extended locations. We are pleased to work together with Farabi Technology in the Middle East and North Africa to deliver reliable and cost effective solutions for strong database infrastructures, where corporate data needs to be accessed securely and in real time. Farabi Technology’s good reputation and years of expertise are key contributors to the success of this partnership.”

About Farabi Technology Middle East

Established in 1993 in Dubai, UAE, Farabi Technology Middle East LLC is a regional provider of products and solutions focused in the legacy Host Access and Integration domain. Its proven expertise in legacy integration and impressive record of accomplishment in high-transaction environments made Farabi a key provider to the governmental, airline, banking, and finance industries. Farabi counts in excess of 160 clients throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South West Asia. As a step to reinforce its presence as a pioneer in offering state of the art integration and mobility solutions, Farabi Technology Middle East has joined the Developer Programs for both the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry devices. Its experience and expertise in the Smartphone mobility applications development has allowed Farabi Technology Middle East’s talented team to build innovative, attractive, and affordable mobility applications to its valuable clients in wider platforms such as Apple iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, and Microsoft Windows Mobile. For more information, please visit www.farabi.ae

About HiT Software

For more than a decade, HiT Software products have been providing access to critical data, enabling data availability and offering programming-free data integration across enterprise systems. HiT Software’s standards-based products perform real-time, bi-directional replication between all major databases; execute real-time, bi-directional transformations between XML and all major databases; and connect applications to IBM DB2 databases via .NET, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC standards. Founded in 1994 and based in San Jose, California, HiT Software is relied upon by thousands of organizations in virtually all vertical markets around the globe. Additional information is available at www.hitsw.com, through e-mail at info@hitsw.com, or by telephone at +1(408)345-4001.