SOA, Legacy Applications Access and Integration, Business Intelligence, and Reporting

Rocket Software is a leading global developer of software products that help corporations, government agencies and other organizations reach their technology and business goals. 1,100 Rocketeers on five continents are focused on building and delivering solutions for more than 10,000 customers and partners – and five million end users – in five key areas. Rocket Software specialize in technology for IT professionals to:

– Rapidly unleash the value in legacy applications
– Accelerate IT response to business requirements through reuse
– Cut the cost of application development, maintenance, and terminal emulation
– Provide modular range of solutions aimed at strategic management
– Empower customers to make business decisions with real-time data


Legacy Web-to-Host Access
Legacy Web-to-Host Access 3-tier, MS Platform
Web-to-Host & Legacy Application Integration
Enterprise Mobile Applications

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Real-time Data Replication and Data Integration
Graphical Database XML Mapping and Transformation
Database Connectivity for DB2 LUW and IBM i