Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia Airlines selects Seagull Software’s BlueZone Access Server Web-to-Host technology, as their new mission critical application access solution. The BlueZone Access server provides Browser-to-Host Terminal & Printer emulation for IBM zSeries, iSeries, UNIX and secure File Transfer Protocol connectivity.


Before implementing the Web-to-host technology, Saudi Airlines used various networking technologies based on SDLC Controllers and Coax infrastructure – a less than ideal solution that was expensive and provided limited access. Communication cost were adding up, Saudi Airlines networks had reached its maximum connection capacity and was faced with having to continue supporting outdated communication protocols such as X.25, SDLC and Coax – a very costly venture. A Migration plan was put in-place to move towards the TN3270E for their legacy communication and application access.

Seamless, Cost-efficient and Risk-Free Deployment

Because of BlueZone Access Server virtually transparent installation, Saudi Airlines got up and running quickly without disturbing ongoing operations. By simply launching a browser, Saudi Airlines reservation offices were able to access the mainframe reservation application for green-screen-in-a-browser.

With BlueZone Access Server featuring extraordinarily small footprint, and relying on TCP/IP and HTTP protocols, Saudi Arabia Airlines moved seamlessly to IP networks and thanks to ease of installation, distribution and the weight of the ActiveX client, there was almost no overhead on the WAN where the network administrator enjoyed supporting a growing number of users effortlessly.

Saudi Arabia Airlines is using BlueZone Access Server for their company-wide airline reservation with a secure remote access to core applications running on their IBM zSeries Legacy system. Farabi Professional Service team (Seagull Software Business Partner for Middle East region) has also helped the Saudi Airline team to deploy the printing capability of the BlueZone Access Server for the Bag Tag and Boarding Pass ticket printing.