August 30, 2012


The following items summarize the significant changes and updates for BlueZone HostFront Server Version 5.3:

  • BlueZone HostFront Server Version 5.3 can run on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (R2), Windows 7, and Windows Vista 64-bit machine (running as 32-bit process).

  • ActiveX Clients run best in Internet Explorer 9.

  • The HFLI plug-in is supported in Visual Studio 2010.

  • Using the HFLI plug-in and Visual Studio, you can create a web service from the new project/web application using C# and Visual Basic.

More Information

The following updates have been to the Host Access Manager:

  1. A Print Profile option has been added to the right-click menu in the Session, User, and Group nodes.
  2. You can configure a printer session to never timeout. In the General tab of the User or Group Properties window, set the Default Inactive user timeout Printer value to 9999.

  3. In the Configured session and Single session nodes, you can select multiple sessions using the Ctrl or Shift key. The select sessions can then be deleted at the same time.

The BlueZone HostFront Server Administrator can set the Char per Inch, Char per Page, Line per Inch, and Line per Page Properties of the printer sessions for all users by editing the HTML Page (axp400.htm or axp3270.htm). If the Administrator sets these properties, the users cannot change the properties locally through the ActiveX Printer Properties window. These settings will be ignored.

  • Each pool in the Pool Manager services can be configured for a daily shutdown and restart schedule.

  • To keep a Printer session connected between the HostFront Server and the host, the HostFront Server for Mainframe can send an NOP polling instruction periodically to the Host.

To enable this polling, add the string EnablePrintAlive and set it to 1 (0 will disable it) and the string KeepPrintAliveTime and set the polling interval, (for example, setting 5 indicates 5 minutes) in the registry under the following key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SEAGULL\HostFront Server\HostFront 3270\Server]

  • In the Reset Password window, the administrator can force the user to change their password at the next log in.

  • The ActiveX File Transfer (FTP) supports site commands.

  • You can use the ALT+HOME keys to Show/Hide Ruler. The default key is Shift+Home.

The following updates have been made to the Arabic version of BlueZone HostFront Server:

  • When flipping the screen, the Number will be changed to Latin/Arabic.

  • The Function keys (PFxx) will be set as HotSpot when the screen is flipped.

  • The maximum size for the Farabi Multi font has been increased to 20. When Internet Explorer is resized, or the font is increased/decreased, the appropriate font size will be selected.

  • To position the ActiveX Display in the center of the Internet Explorer window, use the new ActiveX Display “CenterInIE” property.

  • Add the following parameter in the HTM page (such as axd3270.htm): The property is case sensitive.

To use this feature, ensure that the “View resize to fit” and “Font resize to fit” check boxes are selected in the “Appearance” tab in the ActiveX Display window. These two options are selected by default.

  • A new setup file is available for the HostFront Legacy Integrator (HFLISetup.exe). Users on Windows 7 are recommended to run this set up as an Administrator to avoid an installation error. The HFLI setup file can be downloaded from the HostFront download page: http://[HFServer]/hfcs/HFDOWNLOAD.htm

  • The Pad editor (HFBZPadedit.msi) can be downloaded from the HostFront download page: http://[HFServer]/hfcs/HFDOWNLOAD.htm

  • The MSI installation programs for the ActiveX clients (HFDisplay.msi, HFPrinter.msi, HFFT.MSI, and HFVTDisplay.MSI) can be downloaded from the HostFront download page: http://[HFServer]/hfcs/HFDOWNLOAD.htm

  • APPC File Transfer for AS400 (5250) is no longer supported.

The information in this article applies to all listed Servers including Demo and Setup versions:

HostFront Server Ver. 5.3